ATRA - Assist, Transcribe, Recognize, Answer​

One app to make the data you want accessible

Features to start


Extract text from videos and audios
Convert any type of media into digital text


Filter, search and highlight the desired passage to quickly and easily view the desired information


Automatically get the results in the language you prefer


Most frequent questions and answers

In the free Version you don’t need anything to prepare.

Upload the media file and wait for the results

The Speech Recognition supports the most popular languages like english, spanish, german or russian.

The text recognition is language indepent, it supports latin characters in printed or handwritten form.

At the moment video, audio and image files are supported.

For example: mp3, mp4, wav

Yes, the core of this service is free to use, without registration.

With us you are in the best society.

Strong performance through a strong network.